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Isaac Cohen

Isaac Cohen

Chairman of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Cohen was founder, Chairman and CEO of Silurian, Inc. He has experience in drug development from bench to Phase 3 registration studies with FDA and EMA. He also managed the company from start-up to NASDAQ listing. Prior to Silurian, Isaac was a guest scientist at UCSF.

Daniel G Baden, PhD

Daniel G Baden, PhD

Founder and Science and Technology Consultant

Dr. Baden is a research biochemist specializing in issues of Oceans and Human Health, primarily applied to marine drug discovery. His work spans the missions of NIH, NOAA, and NSF, focusing on translational science, the "Beach to Bedside" paradigm of creating product from ocean discovery

Carlos Milla, MD

Director, The Stanford Cystic Fibrosis Center, Stanford University, Palo Alto

Steven Rowe, MD, MSPH

Director, Gregory Fleming James Cystic Fibrosis Research Center, University of Alabama, Birmingham

Matthias Salathe, MD

Chief, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, University of Miami, Miami

David Cornfield, MD

Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, and an Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor in Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine.

Uwe Christians, MD, PhD

Director iC42 Laboratory, University of Colorado, Denver

Dale Leitman, MD, PhD

Professor Department of Nutrition and Toxicology, University of California, Berkeley

George Butler, PhD

RegAff, Inc.